Capitol Steps

Saturday, October 27, 2012 8:00PM
The Klein Auditorium

Capitol Steps
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This musical political satire troupe is made up of former congressional staffers, equal-opportunity spoofers all, who poke endless fun through song and skits at politicians on both sides of the aisle and at government goings-on in general. Capitol Steps have performed for the last 5 Presidents (6, if you include Hillary). As long as politicians and celebrities continue to say and do silly things, the Capitol Steps will continue to have plenty of material.

The material is updated constantly. Current examples include songs about Mitt Romney's plea to the GOP ("Help Me Fake It to the Right") and President Obama's class warfare ("If I Tax a Rich Man"). In addition, we offer our own take on such trending topics as Secret Service indiscretions and the EU's money woes and what to do with Greece. No matter who or what is in the headlines, you can bet the Capitol Steps will tackle both sides of the political spectrum and all things equally foolish. What more would you expect from the group that puts the "MOCK" in Democracy?!

"They're the best. There's no one like them, no one in their league."
— Larry King, CNN

"The Capitol Steps make it easier to leave public life."
— Former President George H. W. Bush

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