Caravan of Thieves 11/23/12

Friday, November 23, 2012 7:45PM

Caravan of Thieves 11/23/12
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On any of the Caravan of Thieves' three studio albums, they creep around like a band of gypsies in the night fog at a carnival. Somehow the songs simultaneously fit the moods of the smiling little children at the clown show, the men on dates with their mistresses, the gang of kids spooking the horses and also the Ferris wheel full of people that just came unhinged.

Fuzz and Carrie San Giovanni, the band's Bridgeport-based singer/songwriter core, are life-long performers who can't stop writing dark little masterpieces for their band of traveling street performers. Add the wailing violin ticklings of Ben Dean and the wiggly but sturdy backbone of Brian Anderson's double bass, and you’ve got one of the area’s most theatric, unique and most successful world-touring – and completely independent – bands. They're not bluegrass. They're not alt-country. They're not just gypsy jazz. They're all of that — with some John, Paul, George and Freddie Mercury thrown in.

Come out and welcome our hometown Gypsy heroes back to StageOne, Last year they completed a new album, The Funhouse, (with funds raised on and this year they’ve been touring feverishly. So come ready to hear exciting new tunes and share in the dark, twisted joy.

“When it comes to this Caravan Of Thieves the only thing you have to worry about them stealing is your heart, as their music sweeps you across the dance floor and then bounces your around quite a bit.” – Blog Critics Magazine

“There's something about the band's witty, spirited gypsy folk-jazz that is so new and yet so familiar all at once.” – Washington Post