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Saturday, December 15, 2012 7:45PM

An Intimate Holiday Evening w/
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Raul Malo carries a near-legendary singing voice that poured wild dark honey over the Mavericks' country rock throughout the 1990s and in recent years has erased genre lines.

Anyone who's followed Raul Malo's solo career over the last decade knows how broadly the former Grammy-winning Mavericks' frontman views the notion of American roots music. Roadhouse rock 'n' roll, country standards, R&B gems — Malo's sung them all with velvet-voiced authority, and that's not even including his originals, many of which shimmer with traces of his family's Cuban roots.

Listening to this guy sing — listening to him sing anything — is an act of pure pleasure. If you're looking for a smooth, satisfying journey in the company of a voice you can trust; the Big M's yer man.

"Raul Malo has a voice on par with the best of 'em: Sinatra, George Jones and Orbison." - Rolling Stone