Shelby Lynne 1/16/2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 7:30PM

Shelby Lynne 1/16/2013
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A sort of sultry country goddess, singer Shelby Lynne doesn't let pesky genres tie her down. You can't box in Shelby Lynne as a country singer; blending deep soul, Southern twang, and cosmopolitan pop, her sound has more sides than a schizophrenic debate club. There's a little bit of soul in everything Alabama girl Shelby Lynne does. It's a sonic tattoo that won't wash off, whatever style she's working in. Her music can bounce from a luscious mix of '60s-Aretha influence and '70s Philly-soul sheen to streamlined folk-pop to a kick-up-your-heels Southern soul honky-tonkin' stomper that casts a fond glance back towards Patsy Cline and Kitty Wells.

Lynne is an emotive wonder, able to express herself in a myriad of ways which makes Lynne an exemplary talent and one of the finest genre bending singers and songwriters alive. She's collaborated with everyone from outlaw-country hero Willie Nelson to alt-rockers Live, and covered the great American songwriters from Buck Owens to Burt Bacharach. Most importantly, she's penned plenty of her own tunes that reach fearlessly into the deep well of human emotion, sometimes heartbreakingly confessional, sometimes gutsy and brash, but always following a map of her own making.