Gin Blossoms Acoustic

Sunday, January 20, 2013 7:30PM

Gin Blossoms Acoustic
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By blending contemporary power pop with elements of the post-grunge era, Gin Blossoms briefly emerged as torchbearers of the lighter side of alternative rock. Known for creating indelibly melodic, Grammy-nominated Top Ten singles and Platinum-selling albums, Gin Blossoms - Robin Wilson, Jesse Valenzuela, Scott Johnson and Bill Leen, are back and in peak form.

Sometimes when bands age, whatever magic they had at the beginning begins to fade away. Not so with Gin Blossoms, however. Skip to nearly any of the 11 tracks on there latest album, and it is pop music heaven, "Hey Jealousy", all over again.

And just what is that Gin Blossoms magic? It's Robin Wilson's vulnerable vocals and ever-present tambourine. It's guitars that jangle and create heart-tugging melodies. These songs would still sound good coming over the radio, if radio ever gets the clue that there is more to pop music than just Lady Gaga and Drake.

So, if you are a fan, you will be hooked and thrilled to rekindle the love for their music. If you are not, you will likely be a fan after you watch them perform. They still possess their captivating sound and grab your attention from the outset.