Otis Taylor Band

Saturday, March 30, 2013 7:45PM

Otis Taylor Band
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Otis Taylor does for the blues what Jimi Hendrix did for the guitar, taking what everyone assumed was explored to the fullest, and busting it wide open in a million new directions. Part of Otis Taylor's bluesy bag of tricks is his mastery of multiple instruments and his passion for pushing the envelope of what each of them can do. He is all about pushing the blues tradition forward, but he would never have been able to budge it an inch if he wasn't so steeped in the knowledge of his roots.

The blues isn't something that's meant to be frozen in time and made into a museum piece. As long as Otis Taylor is banging it out on his banjo, guitar, mandolin, and whatever else he can lay his hands on, you can rest assured the music that migrated from Africa to the Mississippi Delta and beyond will keep on moving. Taylor's got a style so all his own there's even a guitar named after him, and now you can experience the full range of his raw, sometimes radical reinvention of the blues basics.