The Smithereens

Sunday, May 5, 2013 7:45PM

The Smithereens
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The state of the rock 'n' roll nation in the late '80s was more conducive to hair-metal hedonism than power-pop purity, but that didn't stop the Smithereens from bringing Beatlesesque melodies and classic '60s-pop songcraft to the college rock crowd.

Their tuneful treasures proved that the lessons they learned from the Fabs, the Beach Boys, Beau Brummels, and the like could still make a serious alt-rock impact. Keeping things current, they brought a fat power-chord crunch to their guitar attack that owed as much to AC/DC as the Kinks, never losing their knack for knocking three-minute miracles out of the park. From their Top 40 blockbusters to their secret stash of hidden gems, this show is your chance to catch up on the full story of the Smithereens.